Rockin' out at NewC Fest 2014
Category: Gig News

A huge thanks to all the staff, crew, production peeps, organisers and of course the fans at NewC Fest who looked after us so well over the weekend and helped make this one of the best shows we’ve ever played!

All those who turned out for our set didn’t hold back in rockin out, which only fuelled our energy levels on stage – it was insane!

We caught some cool bands over the weekend too including our Irish brothers and sisters in Ham Sandwich, Big September, Key West and headliner Ryan Sheridan.

The weekend wasn’t without incident though as we had a bit of a Fr. Ted / Dumb & Dumber moment in nearby Ballymahon, where we were staying the night.

After checking into our accommodation early on (big shout out to Pat in Skelly’s) we loaded Boey’s people carrier up with guitars and drums before making our way to the festival site.

The car was stuffed to the roof as we drove off down the main street when suddenly we heard this sliding, tumbling and rattling noise coming from the back.

There in the rear view mirror was David’s snare drum and kick pedal tumbling down the road after falling out the back of the f**kin’ car! How did that happen you ask? Well, let’s just say someone forgot to close the damn boot!

Luckily none of the guitars or amps fell out cos that just would’ve ended in tears! Thankfully there was no one driving right behind us so Boey quickly pulled in and tore off running down the middle of the road like a mad man waving away oncoming cars.

Miraculously the snare and skins survived and we went on to kick serious ass as headliners on the 2nd Stage. Mind you it was one of the best drum rolls I’ve ever heard coming from that snare (sorry David!).

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