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For all those who missed our Radio Nova appearance on Sunday evening here’s a chance to catch it again. There’s also a few ‘behind the scenes’ photos below including one of Boey pushing buttons randomly trying to get into the damn building! We were stuck outside for about 20 minutes and thought we were gonna miss our slot.

Alas we got in (eventually) and had a blast chatting with DJ John Bowe about all things VALENTINO and got to play a song live on air. We would have LOVED to play one of our many new songs but as we’re still promoting ‘Misadventures…’ we decided to play ‘Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down’.

We had to change the ‘Bastards’ lyric to ‘Bankers’, which worked quite well condensing they are one-and-the-same right :) Upon listening back to this I’ve discovered we might need to work on our / my interview technique – maybe tone down on the ‘excited puppy’ vibe… or maybe not! What do you think?

Hope you enjoy it and please leave us a comment below.

-Keith, Boey, David & Clive


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