Oldman Freakboy and Reverend Jim
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On Sunday 16th February we made our US College Radio debut thanks to the awesome Old Man Freakboy and Reverend Jim at WPNR 90.7FM in Utica, NY. According to the hosts their show ‘Get Off My Lawn’ is aimed at “25-45 year-olds who grew up on punk and alternative rock and are now trying to be productive members of society without giving up their roots”, which pretty much describes us Valentino boys to the letter!

Broadcast from the campus of Utica College, WPNR reaches a 15-20 mile radius that encompasses the city of Utica and the surrounding suburbs of New Hartford, Whitesboro, Yorkville, New York Mills, and Oriskany. At any given point WPNR has a potential audience of 120,000 listeners.

‘Get Off My Lawn’ is a great show where you can discover some cool new bands mixed with a few of the more established ones. We recorded a ‘bumper’ / voiceover to accompany our debut and you can check it out by clicking on the image below:
DJs Oldman Freakboy and Reverend Jim

Hosts of ‘Get Off My Lawn’ Oldman Freakboy and Reverend Jim.

Full episodes of Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn are also available online at any time through Mixcloud, the Internet radio and DJ service.

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