Navan, Co. Meath 120914
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A huge thanks to all those who came out to help us ‘pop our Co. Meath cherry’ on Friday. During the night we got reacquainted with some old friends and made lots of new friends and fans with our set in support of legendary Irish guitar maestro Pat McManus in The Stonehouse, Navan.

As with any opening band, playing for Pat’s loyal fans we expected to get a lukewarm reception but those expectations were smashed with every song on our set.

The response was so good in fact that our hour-slot flew by in no time and we were (politely) asked to wrap things with one final song. This meant dropping our last two songs from the set, which we were disappointed about but agreed to do, after all it was our own fault for over-running our allotted time right!

As the final chord of the final song rang out, deafening calls of “ONE MORE TUNE” could be heard drowning out the PA. We felt humbled and stunned and sorta looked at each not knowing what to do. This was probably one of the best responses we’ve got at any gig we’ve played. We were blown away.

With that Pat’s assistant ran up onto the stage to say we better play another song so back on with the guitars and David counted us into our final riff-tastic choon of the night ‘No Guts No Glory’ to bring about a killer end to a killer night!

It’s safe to say the audience were well and truly warmed up for Pat McManus and his awesome band to work their magic.

Huge thanks to Pat, Marty and Paul for having us and to Cormac Moore for the photos.

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