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This past 12 months has seen us connect with so many amazing new fans in America on both social media and through our gigs streamed live over the internet.

It’s a humbling experience when you play in a band on a small island of just 4.5 million people and connect with fans around the world who not only love your music and support you but also champion your music wherever they go – online or in the real world.

However, while performing acoustically over the internet is a fun opportunity for us and fans to hangout, chat and catch an acoustic show it’s just not the full Valentino is Dead experience.

It always makes us feel like giving something back, something more and the conversation always turns to playing live for our fans, in person and full-electric, wherever THEY are in the world.

Well that chance, that dream of ours, might just come true for us in 2015!

Although it’s at a very early stage we wanna get the ball rolling right now and put forward a proposal to come to America next year and play for you IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!

That’s right – we wanna put together a 2-week ‘house concert tour’ of America during Spring or Summer 2015 that sees us travel around to our fans’ houses and play for you and all your family and friends in the ultimate band / fan experience!

You become the promoter to your own show – you book us to play and then sell as many tickets as you like at whatever price you like.

We’ve been doing the maths and it’s certainly doable but it all comes down to two key factors – demand and logistics.

We would need to play at least 10 shows and most importantly these shows would need to be within reasonable driving distance of one another.

So what we propose we do is this. Take a look at the estimated break down of costs below and if you feel you could afford to host one of these living room shows then we can add your name and town / city to our special American Tour 2015 map below. Just fill out the contact form below and tell us what town / city you live in.

There is no commitment at this stage, as we just want to get an idea of who is interested and where the shows will take place. Don’t worry if your town or city is remote – the more people that express an interest the longer we could stay or who knows, even put on another tour to include your area!

While this is envisioned to be a ‘house tour’ we are open to other suggestions such as playing a festival near you or in your local bar if your living room isn’t big enough… or if you got cranky neighbours!

So take a look at the estimated costs involved and feel free to ask a question below. We’ll be looking into this a lot more over the coming weeks and months and we’ll post updates as plans progress.

Don’t know about you but we are SUPER excited at the idea of coming to play for our American brothers and sisters so lets make this happen!

Cya stateside!!!

-Keith, Boey, David & Clive



VALENTINO IS DEAD – American Tour 2015

Estimated costs:

Flights x4           $2,500
4 Berth RV        $1,350
Gear Rental      $2,000
Gas                    $1,000

TOTAL             $6,850*

*Based on 10 shows that would breakdown to an estimated $685 per show to cover our core costs (excluding food – who needs food right!). The more tickets you sell to your show the cheaper the tickets would be. The only limit is the size of your living room!

15 tickets @ $45.66
25 tickets @ $27.40
35 tickets @ $19.57


Interested in hosting a VALENTINO IS DEAD house concert on our ‘American Tour 2015’? Email us at info(at) telling us what city / town you live in and we’ll add you to the map! (Please put ‘US Tour‘ in the Subject field)




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