The Spirit Store Dundalk 03/10/14. Photo by Stephen Doyle
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Sunday night saw our run of shows with The Riptide Movement come to an end, but what better place than in our hometown of Drogheda.

The past three weeks has been a blast. We’ve made some new friends, won over some new fans and developed our own live show so much. And let’s not forget we got some great stories to tell!

Which reminds me – before our final show in McHugh’s Boey decided to help himself to the band’s rider of beers (24 bottles of Carlsberg) starting 2 hours before we were due to play so by the time we took to the stage he was… let’s say – in the spirit of things!

He played great but you just never know with Boey what might happen next. So during our third song ‘Up Your Anti’ he decided to just stop playing altogether to pop the cap on yet another bottle of beer, for what we thought was no reason at all.

In fact, he popped the cap just in time for his guitar solo at which point he begins playing slide guitar with his bottle of beer frothing up everywhere much to the roar of the crowd. He finishes off the solo with a big swig from the bottle and that ladies and gentlemen – is rock n’ roll!

Thanks to all those who came out to see us and supported us at the shows and a special thanks to The Riptide Movement – Mal, JP, Gar and Ger and all their crew for their friendship, comradery and for all the laughs.

Special thanks also goes out to our photographers and friends Stephen Doyle, Cormac Moore and David McConnon for capturing the spirit and energy from the shows.


Next up:

Samhain Screamfest 2014, The Cross, Drogheda on Halloween Night, Friday 31st October 2014. 

The Hot Press Jagermeister Freezer Sessions in Brubakers, Dundalk on 20th November. Free limited number of tickets available HERE


*** Check out the live video from our first show of the mini-tour HERE





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